What is The Ludwig Wittgenstein Project?

The LWP is a en:free culture project whose purpose is to make Wittgenstein's works available online, in the original language and in translation, free of charge and with a free license. A short video introduction to the project is available:

What does the logo represent?

The beetle in the hexagon, i.e. the bug in the box, is a reference to paragraph 293 of the Philosophical Investigations, where Wittgenstein uses a vivid example to discuss the grammar of the expression of experiences:

Let's suppose every person owned a box containing something we call a "beetle". No one can ever look inside someone else's box; and everyone says that they know what a beetle is based only on the sight of their own beetle.—Here it could well be that each and every person has something different in their box. One could even imagine that such a thing changes constantly.—But what if the word "beetle" did have a use among these people?—Then this use would not be that of signifying a thing. The thing in the box does not belong to the language game at all [...].

Can I get involved?

Of course! If you are a translator, an expert in Wittgenstein studies, a copyright nerd, or if you would simply like to spare some time to proofread texts, please feel free to send an e-mail to contribute@wittgensteinproject.org.

I found a mistake on the website. What should I do?

Please, let us know. Altough we put the greatest attention into our transcriptions and translations, it is almost unavoidable for some mistakes to survive, and we count on readers to point them out to us. Please write to contact@wittgensteinproject.org: just make sure you clearly indicate what is wrong in which text in which language. If you are not comfortable writing in English, feel free to use Italian, German, French, Spanish, Greek or Russian: someone will understand and we will do our best to answer in the same language.

Is a press kit available?

It is. Click here to check it out.

Can I donate to the Project?

Unfortunately no, or at least not yet. We are just a website, and we do not have a legal status allowing us to accept donations. This might change in the future, so, if you are eager to chip in, please be sure to come back! (And thanks!)