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Core team

Michele Lavazza | Coordinator Michele Lavazza.jpg

Michele Lavazza is a translator, an expert on digital humanities and learning technologies, and a free culture advocate. He holds a Master’s Degree in philosophy from the University of Milan; his thesis on Wittgenstein and transcendental philosophy was partly written in Milan and partly at the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. He founded the Ludwig Wittgenstein Project in 2020.


Jasmin Trächtler | Editor Jasmin Traechtler.jpg

Born 1991, studied in Kassel. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Bergen and the University of Kassel in 2021, with the thesis Wittgensteins Grammatik des Fremdseelischen (Berlin: Metzler, 2021). She has been a Research Fellow at the Wittgenstein Archives Bergen at the University of Bergen (2018-2021) and the Institute for Philosophy at Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris (2020). Her main research interests lie in Wittgenstein, philosophy of language, aesthetics and philosophy of science. She is now an assistant professor at the TU Dortmund.


Filippo Villaggi | Editor Filippo Villaggi.jpg

Filippo Villaggi, born 1998, accomplished his Master's Degree in philosophy at Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele (Milan) and ICT (Toulouse), with a thesis entitled The End of Philosophy in Martin Heidegger's and Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Thought. He contributes to The Ludwig Wittgenstein Project as editor and translator.

David Chandler | Editor David Chandler.jpg

David Chandler recently obtained a Bachelor of Arts from King’s College London. His current research interests include the work of the Later Wittgenstein, contemporary metaphilosophical considerations, and the history and philosophy of colour. He will soon be commencing his graduate studies at University College London.

Javier Arango | Editor Javier Arango.jpg

Born in 1997 in Los Angeles, Javier Arango is a literary translator and graduate student in the Philosophy Ph.D. program at UCLA. Javier obtained a B.A. in Philosophy from Harvard University in 2021, writing a thesis on the metaphilosophy of Rudolf Carnap, which was awarded highest honors. His current research interests are in Wittgenstein’s later philosophy and its relations to contemporaneous philosophical traditions.

Tommaso Furlan | Editor Tommaso Furlan.jpg

A University of Milan philosophy graduate, Tommaso Furlan’s main research interest is the early production of Edmund Husserl concerning the philosophy of arithmetics. He is a member of the Ludwig Wittgenstein Project’s proofreading team and he manages the project’s Twitter profile.

Alexandra Zografou | Outreach Alexandra Zografou.jpg

A Greek-born Madrid-based digital project manager, specializing in online product design and development. She is also the Manager of the MVDM Mentor Program at IE and a member of the UWC International Council. She has consulted on and managed a variety of projects in the field of executive education, lifelong learning, and learning innovation, having worked with world-renowned universities and European NGOs. Currently, she is working on a number of youth training and arts & humanities initiatives, while exploring her research interests in a diverse spectrum of areas, such as mentoring, digital humanities, and visual grammar in design.


Frederic Kettelhoit | Developer Frederic Kettelhoit.jpg

Frederic Kettelhoit is a software developer who fell down the rabbit hole of Wittgenstein’s philosophy and has been trying to make Wittgenstein’s Nachlass more accessible through software ever since. He studied computer science and philosophy before writing his Ph.D. on Wittgenstein’s philosophy of mathematics.


Ioanna Bartsidi Ioanna Bartsidi 2.jpg

Ioanna Bartsidi was born in Thessaloniki in 1993. She studied philosophy at the École normale supérieure in Paris and is currently preparing a Ph.D. on historicity and presentism in Hegel and post-Hegelianism. She holds an M.A. from the University of Paris 1 and the agrégation de philosophie and is working as a teaching and research assistant at the Université Paris-Nanterre. She has translated various texts into English, French and Greek.


Luca Bernardi Luca-Bernardi.jpg

Luca Bernardi (1991) grew up in Bolzano. He has translated more than twenty novels and nonfiction books from English for major Italian publishers. In 2016 he published his first novel Medusa.


Alberto Buscató Vázquez Alberto Buscató Vázquez.jpg

After studying Biotechnology at the university, motivated, as it were, by the search for knowledge, Alberto Buscató Vázquez decided to change his path to philosophy. For that purpose, he did an M.Sc. in Cognitive Science and an M.A. in philosophy, both in Germany. He currently focuses on writing about culture, history, and philosophy, while planning to live with less and contribute the most.


Marwan Mahmoud Marwan Mahmoud.jpg

Born in 2000 in Amman, Marwan Mahmoud is a translator, and currently pursuing a B.A. in philosophy from the University of Jordan. His current research interests include Wittgenstein’s philosophy, analytic philosophy and contemporary philosophy. He is the founder of the Arabic-language Ludwig Wittgenstein Project, which he is working on in cooperation with the publishing house Dar Al-Rafidain. He has translated Wittgenstein’s On Certainty into Arabic, and works on translating more books by Wittgenstein within his project.

Rachele Salerno Rachele Salerno.jpg

Rachele Salerno earned her Ph.D. in philosophy through a joint programme of the Fondazione Collegio San Carlo, Modena, Italy and the École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France. She translated several book from German and English for Italian publishers such as Rizzoli and Piemme.

Sergio Sánchez Benítez Sergio Sánchez Benítez.jpg

Sergio Sánchez Benítez is a writer, translator and expert in communication and security. He holds a Master's degree in philosophy from the Complutense University and another in Journalism from the UAM-EL PAÍS. He was a postgraduate student at the University of Helsinki where he met Georg Henrik von Wright, Wittgenstein's literary executor, and Heikki Nyman, his editor in Finnish.

Rolando Vitali Rolando Vitali 2.jpg

Rolando Vitali obtained his Ph.D. from the Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena with a German-language thesis on Nietzsche. He edited and translated the Italian edition of Aesthetic Marx, ed. by Johan Hartle and Samir Gandesha (Marx Estetico, Mimesis, 2021).


Peter Winslow Peter Winslow.jpg

Peter Winslow is a professional translator with over 15 years of experience on both sides of the Atlantic. On the legal side, his practice focuses on translations and certified translations in connection with complex contractual, corporate, and litigation matters. On the literary side, his practice focuses on translations in connection with Ludwig Wittgenstein and Karl Kraus. His published translations include Wittgenstein’s Family Letters: Corresponding with Ludwig.



Additionally, we would like to thank all those who contributed some of their time to helping the Ludwig Wittgenstein Project in one way or another:

Lorenza De Meo; Matt Mannisto; Daniele Moyal-Sharrock, Ian Ground, and the British Wittgenstein Society; Iolanda Pensa, Marta Arosio, and Wikimedia Italia; Sacha Raoult, Laura Duparc and the Centre Gilles Gaston Granger; Radmila Schweitzer and the Wittgenstein Initiative; Paolo Spinicci.