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The following table lists the texts that will be published on this website on 1 January 2022.

Original language edition in bold.

German English Italian Greek Spanish Portuguese Romanian Danish
Review of P. Coffey, “The Science of Logic”
Notes on Logic Note sulla logica
Notes Dictated to G.E. Moore in Norway
Tagebücher 1914-1916
Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (English) Tractatus logico-philosophicus (italiano) Tractatus logico-philosophicus (español)
Wörterbuch für Volks- und Bürgerschulen
Some Remarks on Logical Form
Lecture on Ethics Conferenza sull'etica Μια Διάλεξη για την Ηθική Conferencia sobre ética Prelegere despre etică Foredrag om Etik
Bemerkungen über Frazers The Golden Bough Osservazioni su “Il ramo d'oro” di Frazer Observaciones sobre “La rama dorada” de Frazer Observações sobre “O ramo de ouro” de Frazer
Blue Book
Brown Book
Philosophische Untersuchungen Ricerche filosofiche
Bemerkungen über die Farben
Über Gewißheit

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