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The website of The Ludwig Wittgenstein Project (, from now on "this website", does not collect personal data from its users. This website is powered by MediaWiki, but it is configured not to allow users to create accounts; therefore, no action made by this website's users can be linked to any personal information about them. See Version for a list of MediaWiki extensions running on this website.

In order to monitor usage, this website uses Open Web Analytics. This software's purpose is solely to generate accurate page views statistics. OWA uses cookies to store anonymous session data: a numeric ID is assigned to the browser of each user in order not to count every page load as a separate visitor, i.e., in order to correcly track the number of individual visitors. This numeric ID is used to track the user until the cookie in which it is stored expires or is deleted. In the statistics generated by OWA for this website, IP addresses are anonymised, no geo-location lookups are performed, and no mouse and other DOM movements are logged. No third-party tracking cookies are in use on this website.

If you wish to contact the owners and administrators of this website for any matter related to privacy issues, please write to we will gladly do our best to help.